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Audition Call

Audition Call - Metamorphosis 

The pre-requisites are:
1. Experienced actors (Male only)
2. Movement and physical theatre training will be given preference.

The audition will comprise:
1. A prepared performance by the actor ( 3 - 5 minute monologue will suffice)
2. Discussion on Metamorphosis and the actor's interpretation of the text*
3. A physical exploration based on the discussion on the text, where the actor will work with the Director
4. General discussion where the actor might be asked to showcase any other ability he has trained in or pursues ( music, movement, rhythm etc)

*while the text will be provided at the audition, it is preferable for the actor to have already read the text before coming in for the audition.

Once you send in your details, shortlisted actors will be sent a callback, with an audition date and time.
Not all actors who write will be called in for an audition.

Please write in with the following details:
1. Personal details: Name, Age, contact details
2. Detailed description of Theatre work completed
3. Details of any training in the area of Movement and/ or physical theatre
4. Commitment to 3 months rigorous rehearsal

Those interested can write into rebecca@jagrititheatre.com