Eduardo da Conceição

Eduardo da Conceição


Eduardo da Conceição (b. 1983, Barquisimeto, Venezuela) is a Portuguese architect and artist based in Berlin. He studied at EUAC (Escola Universitária das Artes de Coimbra), dARQ (departamento de Arquitectura, Universidade de Coimbra) in Portugal and at RWTH Aachen, Germany.

From early on, Eduardo's understanding of architecture has been inspired by his interest in the arts. In his work he blends elements of architecture, design and performance, creating interactive situations that challenge the relationships between people and space. Drawing on temporary architecture, exhibition design, installation, illustration and scenography, he is constantly searching for new opportunities to further explore the roles art can play in different contexts. Eduardo's creations take the shape of living platforms that invite people to take part, explore and play, questioning ideas of the traditional gallery or museum space. The result is a scenographic body of work where fiction and reality converge and people are driven to think and move beyond their daily habits.

During the last years, he has been working with multidisciplinary teams, such as Raumlabor (Berlin, Germany), Demo (Guimarães, Portugal) and Exyzt (Paris, France), and more recently On Off (Berlin, Germany) where he finds a collaborative work method that allows him to combine and enhance his different skills and interests while working with others.

He is now in Bangalore, India working with Jagriti Theatre as the Artist in Residence representing Goethe Institute for the design and production of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis scheduled to be staged at Jagriti between January 12th to 21st.