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    • 27-Oct-2015
    • Director: Nritarutya
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Prayog will feature three choreographies – “Matsyaangnaa” and “Trishanku” choreographed by Madhuri Upadhya and “Chakra” choreographed by Sathya BG. The performance is based on Indian philosophies and their relevance to the contemporary times. The duration of the performance is one hour fifteen minutes.Read More

      Tue-27-Oct | 08:00 PM
    • General
    • 14-Oct-2015
    • Director: Anuvab Pal
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Anuvab Pal has been called India’s Most Intelligent Comedian by The New York Times. India’s Answer To British Wit by The BBC. His show The Nation Wants To Know has had 500 shows around the world from Sydney to San Francisco.Read More

      Wed-14-Oct | 08:00 PM
    • General
    • 30-Sep-2015
    • Director: Radhika Vaz
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      After successful, sold-out runs in New York and all across India Radhika Vaz is ready with her second one-woman comedy show‘Older. Angrier. Hairier.’Read More

      Wed-30-Sep | 08:00 PM
    • General
    • 29-Sep-2015
    • Director: Kuchipudi Parampara Foundation
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Both are Founders and creative directors of Kuchipudi Parampara Foundation a Non Profit Trust that has been envisaged with intent to propagate and promote the Kuchipudi form of classical dance. The Foundation is presently offering systematic training, master classes in Bangalore and Calicut to bring forth artists of high calibre Deepa & Rekha will be presenting authentic Kuchipudi choreographies of legendary Kuchipudi Guru Late Padmabhushan Vempati Chinna Satyam and of his son Vempati Ravi Shankar.Read More

      Tue-29-Sep | 08:00 PM
    • General
    • 20-Sep-2015
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 150

      Chanda, is the undisputed pithoo champion of the basti! One day, her mother tells her that she and her best friend Shameem have been enrolled in a big school - that means new books, new uniforms and spanking new shoes! Chanda doesn't like wearing shoes. But rules are rules, follow them or suffer! Her friends think that she may have met her match and change from the tiger they know to a big school mouse! What will Chanda do? Will she beat the system and the school?Read More

      Sun-20-Sep | 11:00 AM
    • General
    • 18-Sep-2015 - 27-Sep-2015
    • Director: Akash Khurana
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Set in and around a college campus in Poona (now Pune) in the 1940’s, A Friend’s Story is about three students – the diffident Bapu, the carefree Mitra, and the deceptive Nama.Read More

      Fri-18-Sep | 08:00 PM
      Sun-27-Sep | 06:30 PM
    • Drama
    • 16-Sep-2015
    • Director: Aditi Mittal
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say Aditi Mittal is an abla Indian nari who is fed up of being an abla Indian nari. After years of being told to ”be quiet, sit down, be seen not heard,” the new a-blah Indian nari would like to say a few things.Read More

      Wed-16-Sep | 08:00 PM
    • General
    • 15-Sep-2015
    • Director: Anna Dora Dorno
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

       An original script based on real-life testimonies and poems from the workers at the ILVA steel plant in TarantoRead More

      Tue-15-Sep | 08:00 PM
    • Physical theatre – experimental theatre


Jagriti is a Performance Arts space dedicated to Theatre, Music, Dance and Comedy. Founded in 2011 by Arundhati and Jagdish Raja, the space has hosted several productions from India and around the world. A 200-seat theatre, built around a full-thrust stage, it is fully equipped to cater to both artistes and audience. The main stage is designed for intimate performances, with adjoining spaces for informal lectures and gatherings, and an attached restaurant- 'The Fat Chef'. Jagriti is owned and operated by the not-for-profit ART Foundation, a registered charitable trust.

The Rooftop - above the main auditorium is an open-to-sky space with a staging area that can accommodate about 50 people. A raised and walled off platform can work as a perfect area for puppet theatre. The Rooftop has a restroom and a pantry. 

The Terrace - alongside the auditorium, the Terrace can accommodate about 20 people as an informal gathering area.

Lumbini - extending out from the foyer, Lumbini has a stage and an open-to-sky terraced space for about 80 people.