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Jagriti Productions 2017

This year Jagriti Productions (our resident performing company) has an exciting line up of shows in store. Beginning in May, we bring you one production a month. Each one runs for eleven shows and a special preview show on Thursday before each opening night. 

October 13 - 15: Yayati by Girish Karnad (Ages: 15 years and above)
Directed by Arundhati Raja 
Cast: Divya Jain, Jagdish Raja, Rohn Malhotra, Swati De, Urvashi Goverdhan, Vandana Prabhu, Vivek Vijayakumaran
Yayati is Girish Karnad’s first play that immediately established his ability to turn an epic story into an exciting dramatic experience. In this play, King Yayati’s story from the Mahabharata becomes a roller coaster ride of events, sparked off by one sexual encounter. Set against a background of lust, jealousy, and racial tension, six strong characters fight to assert their own rights.

November 10 - 12: Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire (Ages: 15 years and above)
Director: Vandana Prabhu
Becca and Howie have everything a couple could want until a life-shattering accident turns their world upside down and leaves them drifting perilously apart. RABBIT HOLE charts their bittersweet search for comfort in the darkest of places and for a path that will lead them back into the light of day. A play about mending a broken family which shifts perfectly from hilarity to grief without sentimentality ... entertaining and satisfying.
Winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize, David Lindsay-Abaire has crafted a drama that's not just a departure but a revelation—an emotional and insightful examination of grief, laced with wit, compassion and searing honesty.

November 24 at NCBS, Bangalore
November 25 & 26: Oleanna by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, David Mamet. (Ages: 16 years and above)
Directed by Jagdish Raja
Cast: Preetam Koilpillai & Rebecca Spurgeon.
Premiered in 1992, this two-character play is as relevant today as it was then. In a terrifyingly short time, a male college professor and his female student descend from a discussion of her grades into a modern reprise of the Inquisition. She accuses him of sexual exploitation. By doing so his future is in danger. But is he really guilty? Or is she a schemer? Rebecca and Preetam will have you yelling your opinion out loud as you leave!

December 7: Panchatantra Retold... Three Stories with a Twist  (Ages: 5 years and above )
Directed by Rebecca Spurgeon
Showing in Delhi as part of Tifli - International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences

This retelling of the Panchatantra is an exciting new exploration of the classic Panchatantra stories - the Blue Jackal, The Monkey and the Crocodile and The Monkey and the Wedge. Filled with shadow play, music, storytelling and physical theatre, this show will definitely excite you to revisit these stories if you have grown up reading them and is a great way to introduce children to the wonderful tales and characters of the Panchatantra. Catch the show to find out how the Blue Jackal got blue, what happened to the mischievous monkey and whether the Crocodile managed to eat the Monkey's heart. 

In Jan 2018

Dramatization of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis (Ages: 16 years and above?)
Directed by Rebecca Spurgeon
Dates to be announced

Gregor wakes up one morning to find he has turned into a giant insect.  But how do he and his family cope with this development. Considered the seminal work of Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis is the story of Gregor’s journey through the unforgiving underbelly of human nature.