JANUARY 12-21 at Jagriti
RE-RUNS: APRIL 28-19 at Ranga shankara

Dramatized and directed by Rebecca Spurgeon
Featuring: Swetanshu Bora, Denny Paul, Arathy AR, Pooja Sabarinath and Akhil Jamkhandi
In association with Goethe-Institut - Max Mueller Bhavan
Supported by Attakkalari - Centre for Movement Arts
Production design: Eduardo da Conceiçao, Jagriti Artist-in-Residence (courtesy Goethe-Institut, Bangalore) 

Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find that he has turned into a giant insect. But how do he and his family cope with this development? Considered the seminal work of Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis is the story of Gregor’s journey through the unforgiving underbelly of human nature. 

FEBRUARY 18 at Ranga shankara
FEBRUARY 23 at Vinod Doshi Theatre Festival, Pune
MARCH 16 at Rani Seethai Hall, Chennai

Directed by Arundhati Raja
Featuring: Rohn Malhotra, Swati De, Vivek Vijayakumaran, Vandana Prabhu, Divya Jain, Urvashi Goverdhan and Jagdish Raja

Yayati, Girish Karnad’s first play – was written in 1960, when he was 23 years old - and immediately established his ability to turn an epic mythological story into an exciting dramatic experience. King Yayati’s story from the Mahabharata becomes a roller coaster ride of events, sparked off by one sexual encounter. When it was written, strong women characters were not acceptable in traditional Indian theatre and this play has four of them. Four strong women who assert their rights alongside a son who wishes to rebel against the path set out for him and a father willing to sacrifice his son’s youth in his quest for immortality. Set against a background of lust, jealousy and social prejudice, six strong characters fight to assert their own rights.  


APRIL 13-22 at Jagriti
SEPTEMBER 9 at Ranga Shankara
SEPTEMBER 15-16 at Jagriti

Directed by Arundhati Raja
Featuring: Anirudh Acharya and Kavya Srinivasan

Aliph, the first letter of the Urdu alphabet and reminiscent of the word alphabet itself, inspired the title for this play. Alipha tells the parallel stories of a social activist and of a politician in small-town India. Both characters remain nameless throughout the play. The two narratives are like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle that are put together by the audience as the play progresses. Issues of gender and social inequality form the backdrop to human emotions - love, lust, greed, anger, hate and revenge.

MAY 4-6
Gimme a Key! – Jagriti’s Western Music Festival hosted professional performances by some of the biggest names in the Western Music circuit of Bangalore. The morning shows over the weekend saw performances by upcoming artistes from music schools across Bangalore, giving them the opportunity to perform in the intimate space of Jagriti. 

Evening show line-up:
Friday, May 4: Thermal and a Quarter
Saturday, May 5: The Sylvester Trio and MudRoad
Sunday, May 6: By2Blues

MAY 25-27

Devised and directed by Rebecca Spurgeon
Featuring: Ameet Bhuvan, Bhavana Rajendran, Shlok Menon and Rebecca Spurgeon
Instrumentals (Design & Performance): Swetanshu Bora

The retelling of the Panchatantra is an exciting new exploration of the classic Panchatantra stories, the Blue Jackal, the Monkey and the Crocodile and the Monkey and the Wedge. Filled with shadow play, music, storytelling and physical theatre, this show will definitely excite you to revisit these stories, if you have grown up reading them and is a great way to introduce children to the wonderful tales and characters of the Panchatantra. 

JUNE 17 at Ranga shankara
Directed by Jagdish Raja 
Featuring: Vijay Sharma, David Selvaraj, Sagaram Dhananjai, K. Kalyanaraman, Arundhati Raja, Anirudh Acharya, Shlok Menon, Paramita Gupta, Roomi Daroowala, Hemanth Narayan, Karn Malhotra and Jaya Kalyanaraman

They are everywhere. Sprung up like mushrooms. Tall, squat, spacious, tiny. Worlds unto themselves. Apartment blocks, of course! Societal Woes is about people in an apartment block. You know them well. They will make you laugh, squirm, retch and want to run away! But you can't. Because when you reach home they will be there - in the garden, in the lift, in the kid's playground. They just won't go away!   


The second year of Jagriti’s Festival of Classical Indian Music and Dance. Swartaal is a four-day festival of music and dance bringing together the Whitefield community. Each evening there will be performances by professional artistes. The morning shows over the weekend will include performances by young performers from the Whitefield area. The Swartaal Festival is presented by Jagriti Theatre and our Community Partner Whitefield Rising.

Festival Line Up:

Thurs, Sep 27: Invocation by Nikita Subramani and Veena Suryanarayan ‘Krishna Katha’ Inauguration by Deepa Narayanan (Kuchipudi) , Yasomati Mishra (Odissi), Nisha Ranjith (Mohiniyattam), Aparna Menon (Bharatanatyam)

Fri, Sep 28: Bombay Jayashri (Carnatic Music)

Sat, Sep 29: Bindhumalini Narayanaswamy (Hindustani Music) and Rukmini Vijayakumar (Bharatanatyam)

Sun, Sep 30: Dr. Prakash Sontakke (Hindustani Music) and  ‘Ritu Dhaara’ by Vidhushi Shanthi Rao and Yamini Muthanna (Carnatic Music and Bharatanatyam)