Rebecca Spurgeon appointed as Artistic Director of JAGRITI



                             Rebecca Spurgeon appointed as Artistic Director of JAGRITI


Arundhati and Jagdish Raja, Founder Trustees of the ART Foundation, the Registered Charity that administers JAGRITI Theatre, announced at the 8th birthday celebration on Sunday, 13 January 2019 that Rebecca Spurgeon has taken over as Artistic Director from Arundhati Raja. 

On the handing over, Arundhati said, "Rebecca has been with Jagriti from its inception. Having worked closely with both Jagdish and I for eight years, she has an understanding of Jagriti's vision but more importantly she has a finger on the pulse of the changing face of the performing arts nationally and globally. We are confident that she will take Jagriti forward into the next decade, as a vibrant and aspirational performance space."

Rebecca Spurgeon is currently Executive Producer at JAGRITI and heads the Theatre Arts Programme that offers training in Drama and prepares candidates for the Trinity College London assessments in Drama/Performance Arts and Communication Skills.

She is an Actor, Singer, Teacher and Director. She has a degree in English Literature from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and has trained in Western Vocals and Western Classical Pianoforte in Bangalore and Mumbai. Rebecca began acting in 2005, performing at Thespo, where she won for her role in Tara by Mahesh Dattani. Since then, she has acted in over thirty productions. In the last year, she has acted in Oleanna by David Mamet and has also devised and directed Panchatantra Retold and Metamorphosis. When not on stage, Rebecca also works as a light and set designer and has experience as a Festival Director, Curator and Tour Manager.


Note from Rebecca Spurgeon


It's been an incredible and exciting journey watching Jagriti grow over the last 8 years into a space that is an important one for the community to have. Like many other Theatres in India, with no government funding, the theatre has survived and thrived on the work it has created, the artists it has supported and the love of the community. I'm part overwhelmed and part humbled to have been a part of this incredible and important time in Jagriti's history. As a young actor who attended every reading I could locate, did any production work that came my way, watched as many plays as I could afford, swept floors and made tea for rehearsals and spent every day falling more in love with the magic of the Theatre, I never imagined that I would one day have the privilege to help shape what the Theatre can mean and stand for in this city. 

To work with truth, to be true, to be inclusive, to respect process, to engage and support work and the artist is what Jagriti has stood for and it will be what defines Jagriti in the next decade. 

I invite you all to come and be a part of Jagriti's future in whatever way you can.