About Jagriti Theatre


I haven't heard it in a long time...Barbra Streisand or Ella Fitzgerald leading one to the heights and the high notes...

"No more hunger and thirst,
But first
Be a person who needs people,
People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world!"

We at Jagriti are blessed. We have a many people who have melded into the team that greets, serves, attends to the needs of our directors, managers, performers and backstage crew.


The Team


If you’ve been to Jagriti, you know Sandhya. She’s the one running the box office at show time. When not busy with the box office, Sandhya has administrative duties and manages all the logistics of the Trinity Exam at Jagriti.

Sandhya Rani is a local, born and raised in Ramagondanahalli and this means she understands the very essence and flavour of the community around us, having seen Whitefield change and evolve in the last couple of decades. Most interestingly, she speaks Tribasha - a mixture of Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.

Manoj & Babu

Manoj left his home town Vellore and came to Bangalore in 1993 and came to us six months after we opened and has been with us since. Besides providing the sound effects, Manoj mans the video camera and also engineers sound recordings and audio and video editing. 

Binod, was a current- tester welding son of the man who executed the wiring contract in the total project. While Mishra saab has returned home to Odisha, Binod - now a husband and a father – stayed on. He  is  now our man on the light controls. 

Together, they are responsible for lifting our work above the normal, and making ‘setting up’ stress free Over the five years the duo - now titled Banjo and Manjo - has given light and sound to scores of stage productions with performers raising their arm in salutation of their commitment.

Of course, they both are our resident Repairs and Maintenance experts on anything, electrical, civil, structural and artistical!

The Ladies

The band of 3 ladies is a very integral part of the Jagriti family. From housekeeping to maintaining the theatre guest house, making sure visiting companies are well taken care and providing much needed cups of tea to rehearsals and the team, there isn’t a day when their love for the Theatre is diminished.

Lakshmi, Bharathi and Sudha are all from the local community