Theatre Arts Programme (TAP)

Theatre Arts Programme (TAP)


About the Programme

Spanning nine months, the TAP is an after-school programme for children between 8 to 18 years of age. We firmly believe our techniques help children to overcome inhibitions, to communicate with confidence, to speak clearly and understand body language – tools that will help and prepare them for the future, irrespective of what profession they choose.

Our programme will cover modules on:

  1. Writing
  2. Text (reading, comprehension and performance)
  3. Body Awareness
  4. Voice Training
  5. Performance techniques, including public speaking techniques.
  6. Includes the Trinity College London* grade assessment as an opportunity to demonstrate performance skills to an external assessment by a visiting examiner.

Additionally, we offer optional classes in script writing and play reading on weekends to encourage children to come together and devise their own works, be it directing a scene from a play or performing an original short one-act play. Children will also be taken to watch 2 plays in Bangalore to enhance their appreciation of drama.


*The Trinity College London assessment is offered in Speech and DramaPerformance Arts and Communication Skills.

  1. The Speech and Drama course is best suited for children who love reading and who are interested in understanding and interpreting texts for performance. The Performance Arts stream is ideal for children who are interested in music, dance, fine art and wish to integrate those interests with drama.
  2. Communication Skills is for children who are interested in learning to deliver talks and present ideas, opinions and information effectively. While Drama & Performance Arts involve reading, interpretation and performance of poems, prose and excerpts from plays, Communication Skills develops abilities to persuade, to negotiate and communicate effectively in a variety of contexts.
  3. Click here to read more about the Trinity Assessments 

Programme Timeline


Last day for submission of form

15th December, 2019


Acceptance/Rejection emails will be sent by

First week of January, 2020


Course commences

One 2 hour class a week. We have classes running through a week and will schedule a class for your child according to age and prior experience.

Your child will be required to attend class on this allotted day of the week for the duration of the course.

Weekday classes run 5-7pm and

Weekend classes run 11am-1pm or 3pm-5pm

First week of February, 2020


Summer break

(However, Trinity communication and enrolment will be completed by mid-July, so even though classes will not be running, parents are requested to available on email/ call)

June and July, 2020


Course resumes

First week of August 2020


Trinity Assessment

(However, confirmed dates are only sent to us in September 2020)

First week of October 2020


Course concludes

Last week of November 2020


Admission Process

  1. Once you have submitted a completed Registration Form at the Jagriti office (no later than 15 Dec, 2019), we will review and shortlist based on the information provided.
  2. Since the programme has certain requirements, the shortlist will be made after a close review of the information provided in the submitted form.
  3. Shortlisted names will be informed by 20 December 2019.
  4. Information on the next steps in the process, payment mode & details and other course related information will be sent along with the Seat Confirmation.
  5. Enrollment formalities and Course Fee payment is to be completed no later than 20 January, 2020.
  6. The allocation of seats to a class is made based on several factors. The decision of the Programme Co-ordinator is final is this aspect. We urge parents to respect our decision in this regard.
  7. This year, seats will be offered to new students and returning students after review.


On reading the information provided in the submitted form, we might choose to call in some applicants for an interview. The interview is for the Programme Co-ordinator to meet the child and parents in person. This is to provide us with more clarity. Not all applicants will be called in for an Interview and we don't need them to be.

Seat Cancellation

Since there is high demand and limited seats in the programme, we urge you to consider the time commitment, school schedule and other commitments your child may have in 2020. 

Once a seat is confirmed, we would prefer if there were no cancellations.

Course Fee and Refund

Course Fee: Rs. 40,000/-

  1. If you have been offered a seat and paid the course fee, but due to an emergency transfer or such have to forego your place in the programme, we will be able to refund your full course fee after deducting a processing fee of  INR 1500/-
  2. Once the Course has begun, no refunds will be made.

Contact information & Protocol

  1. As we would like to track the conversation with regard to a particular form/ child, we request that all communication be kept to email. Please email only 
  2. Once an email with queries has been sent, we request that follow up calls/ texts to mobiles and emails not be sent on the same day. We will respond to every email, but given the numbers and as we personally respond to each email, we will require some time.
  3. However, sometimes we do face technical issues - emails are not delivered when the recipient inbox is full etc. In order to ensure that we do not miss important information from reaching you, we request that you send us a secondary email id at the time of writing to us.
  4. For any Course related queries, please email : edu@jag