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JAGRITI is a performing space that works closely with actors, dancers and musicians. Critical to the performers and performances on stage, are the designers and executors of the stage sets and properties, costumes, make up, lighting and sound.

Friendly, enthusiastic, reliable and committed volunteers are always welcome to help in a wide variety of positions.

– You will have to be comfortable working with people of all backgrounds, ages, and levels of familiarity with drama and stagecraft.

–   Excellent communication skills.

–   Computer skills are a plus.

–   A background in drama is an asset, but a passion for learning and sharing knowledge is key.

–   Dedication, commitment, integrity, flexibility and professionalism are essential.

–   At least 16 years old

1.  Front-of-House: People meeting and mingling pre-show is expectant excitement! Chat to them, capture what they have to say on camera (make sure that they are heard above the ambient chatter!!). Watch the play with them and then capture a verbal video review (make sure that you have their names to caption!) Create that special Jagriti experience.

2.  Photographer and Videographer: Record our rehearsal process leading up to shows. This will serve as valuable footage for our archives and publicity.

3.  Festival Volunteers: We host two music Festivals annually in May and September. ‘Gimme a Key’ (Western Music Festival) and ‘SwarTaal’ (Indian Classical Music and Dance Festival). Volunteers are welcome to join the team in the weeks leading up to these Festivals. You can help backstage, as a production manager or even with our communications and social media team.

If you're interested write to us at contact@jagrititheatre.com

Jagriti needs you!