June 25, 2024

Cardamom, back by popular demand!

We have had another FOUR houseful shows of Hasnain Shaikh’s CARDAMOM to an audience of about 1600 people, a good 1,400 of whom, would have been a first time audience. This is remarkable! More so that Hasnain wrote, directed and acted in it…trebly remarkable!!
CARDAMOM is about an impending marriage, and I use the word as it should be used – impending, like collision. One pair of in-laws descend on the other pair, except that they have been invited by the inner in-laws. Its family mayhem, with a another collision of an ex-girlfriend but whose girl friend is she – his or her’s? Throw in the demise of the family canine which casts a canny pall over the proceedings.
Fun? Yes!
Funny? Yes!!
CARDAMOM is ZESTY and should I dare…SPICY!!!
Repeat shows Hasnain?

Hasnain Shaikh