June 25, 2024

David Scott – One Night Only

I have just sat listening to a most engaging, informal, funny, observant, David Scott talk us through a mosaic of his brushes with life, living, family, experiences for 100 minutes. It flashed past in a trice.
What we need to applaud, not only here in Bangalore, India but around the world, is how a performer in his first time on stage, indeed,  his maiden performance to a ticket-paying audience had them transfixed and gently wafted them from an OBGYN OT to a fish and chip shop in Glasgow, to a Cisco campus and through the vicissitudes of this mandated journey that we all take.
One must note his candour, his honesty and, indeed, his courage and that of his family Claudia, son, Callum and Daughter Matilda all regular visitors to Jagriti seated in the audience, to bare it all with a quiet, no fanfare retelling of what has been noteworthy in David’s life, especially the last eight years spent in India. That he did this at Jagriti is feather in our cap. He must do it again and he will, I am sure.
David Scott: One Night Only – A full house!
Jagdish Raja,
Director – Development
Callum Scott has captured David’s essence quite accurately in this artwork.