Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops


Corporate Workshops

Drama and Theatre are powerful, legitimate and natural means to assume the roles of people and personalities you need to be. Jagriti uses classic and modern performance methodologies and Theatre exercises to convey the importance of effective communication and supportive teamwork.
Jagriti Theatre’s most sought after and popular workshop in this regard is our Communication Skills Module.

The Communication Skills Workshop details:

Overview :
An Introduction to the basic aspects of effective communication – Body and Voice.
Identifying Purpose – In body language and speech and interactions.
Reading an Audience – Practical methods to engage an audience.
Delivering Content- Using these learned skills to communicate content effectively.

Jagriti’s Training Methodology and Outcome.
Our training objectives use drama techniques to convey complex ideas in a simple, time-conscious manner to heterogeneous audiences. Our workshop facilitators use techniques that help participants embrace open communication by observing the positive effects of open communication. Participants find ways to communicate openly and effectively.

The ability to “perceive” and “interpret” team member/audience signals is taught with the aid of theatrical improvisations and exercises to help block out negative signals that affect performance and leverage the positive signals that enhance performance. Participants are encouraged to use audience reactions and feedback to better deliver presentation content.

Jagriti also develops custom-content modules to address specific requirements and objectives for Corporate teams, exploiting and utilising the full potential of theatre as a medium of communication. These are usually conceptualised after an exhaustive set of interactions with the team leaders, management representatives and their domains of professional specialities.
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