Theatre Arts Program (TAP)

Theatre Arts Program (TAP)


                 Some of our TRINITY Certificate Holders at our recent SHOWCASE Presentation.

Registrations for the 2018 are now closed. For the 2019 Program, registrations will open on 1st December 2018. Please write to

Spanning nine months, the TAP is an after-school program for children between 8 to 18 years of age. This course will cover modules on Writing, Text (reading, comprehension and performance), Body Awareness, Voice Training and performance techniques, including public speaking techniques. TAP includes the Trinity College London grade assessment as an opportunity to demonstrate performance skills to an external assessment by a visiting examiner. Additionally, we offer optional classes in script writing and play reading on weekends to encourage children to come together and devise their own works, be it directing a scene from a play or performing an original short one-act play. Children will also be taken to watch 2 plays in Bangalore to enhance their appreciation of drama.

The Trinity College London assessment is offered in Speech and DramaPerformance Arts and Communication Skills. The Speech and Drama course is best suited for children who love reading and who are interested in understanding and interpreting texts for performance. The Performance Arts stream is ideal for children who are interested in music, dance, fine art and wish to integrate those interests with drama. Communication Skills is for children who are interested in learning to deliver talks and present ideas, opinions and information effectively. While Drama & Performance Arts involve reading, interpretation and performance of poems, prose and excerpts from plays, Communication Skills develops abilities to persuade, to negotiate and communicate effectively in a variety of contexts.

We firmly believe our techniques help children to overcome inhibitions, to communicate with confidence, to speak clearly and understand body language – tools that will help and prepare them for the future, irrespective of what profession they choose. Registration for the 9 month program opens in December and classes begin in the following January. This course runs January through March, June through November with a 2 hour session once a week Tues-Sun and will include the Trinity College London assessment in March and in October.

Course details:

1. Your child will have one 2 hour class a week. We have classes running through a week and will schedule a class for your child according to age and prior experience.
2. Your child will be required to attend class on this allotted day of the week for the duration of the course.
Weekday classes run 5-7pm and
Weekend classes run 11am-1pm or 3pm-5pm

3. The start date for the course will be sent to you once your admission is confirmed.
4. Admission is confirmed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once the seats fill up, we will close registrations.
5. Registration for TAP 2018 are now closed.
6. Course Fee: INR 40,000/-

To register:

1. Please fill out a form and submit to the Jagriti office. If you would like us to send you a soft copy of the application form, please write to with 'Application Form' in the subject line.
2. Once we receive your details, we will confirm a class schedule for your child.  In some cases, we may ask to meet the child before we confirm a seat in the course. If so, we will write to you to set up an interview.
3. Once you confirm that the class schedule works, you can complete payment.
4. Seats are confirmed once the course fee payment is completed.

For any queries, please write to with 'Theatre Arts Program 2018' in the subject line.