February 22, 2024

On Wings of Song!

Strains of memories…

Aruna Sunderlal came to Jagriti Farm sometime in the 80s along with her husband Raj. A friend wanted Arundhati and me to welcome the newly arrived pair to Bangalore.

To our great surprise, Aruna eased into song and filled our home with the most beautiful operatic mezzo soprano that I have ever heard! 


We have since met her off and on. Once on a visit to Madras (Chennai) where we stayed at the same hotel, we shared a chortling, chuckling evening that swiftly swung into a beautiful late night. We remember it all so well still…. 

Aruna knows Jagriti and I am so glad that we can share those notes drifting aloft, along with many of her admirers who value her memory, even as we celebrate the woman — her warmth, vivacity and verve.

The East West concert is at JAGRITI on 24th & 25th Feb at 8pm.

The Polish Hefi Jazz Quartet on the 24th and the BSM Chamber Orchestra is on the 25th  Feb .