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  • Date
  • Event Details
  • Genre
    • 16-Jun-2019 - 16-Jun-2019
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 450

      Manthana is a Sanskrit term used to depict the act of churning. When prefixed with Mano, it becomes the stirring of and within the mind; an intense, and concentrated movement of thought that upon reaching a crescendo yields the object of desire. Through this inner debate, the protagonist delves into her deepest emotions, churning them with a manic passion that will ultimately lead to ONE answer that will quell all questions.Read More

      Sun-16-Jun | 03:00 PM
      Sun-16-Jun | 06:30 PM
    • Indian Classical Dance
    • 15-Jun-2019 - 15-Jun-2019
    • Director: Swetanshu Bora
      Ticket Price: ₹ 350

      "Guilt" is a story of coping with grief and betrayal. It's the story of a boy, Kishore, and his sister in law, Pooja, who is eight years older than him. Pooja is set to marry Kishore's brother, Nitin, and grows very close to Kishore who feels comfortable to confide an intimate secret about himself to her.Read More

      Sat-15-Jun | 03:00 PM
      Sat-15-Jun | 06:30 PM
    • Drama
    • 14-Jun-2019
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 250

      Gravitas. Respect. Heck, just some quiet, even!  For music audiences and performers alike, Bangalore doesn't have too much to offer in the way of these 'basics', eh? Well, scratch that. Beginning with a music festival last year, the Jagriti Theatre (one of the city's premier locations for serious dramatic events) is now on the map for music. Huzzah! Now there's a formal, dedicated space (no F&B, no yakety-yak, just a focused, listening audience) for music.Read More

      Fri-14-Jun | 08:00 PM
    • Western Music
    • 24-May-2019 - 26-May-2019
    • Director: Rajiv Krishnan
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Mondays are Best for Flying out of Windows is inspired by the stories of Daniil Kharms (1905-1942), an early Soviet era absurdist poet, writer and dramatist. Kharms was often incarcerated by the Stalinist regime for his unconventional and rebellious ways. His adult literature was not published during his lifetime and he was confined to writing for children. He is said to have starved to an anonymous death in the psychiatric ward of a Soviet hospital after his arrest in 1942.  Read More

      Fri-24-May | 08:00 PM
      Sat-25-May | 03:00 PM
      Sat-25-May | 06:30 PM
      Sun-26-May | 03:00 PM
      Sun-26-May | 06:30 PM
    • Comedy
    • 18-May-2019 - 19-May-2019
    • Director: Mathura Kalauny
      Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      Upendra Nath Ashk was the first Hindi dramatist to receive the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. He was appointed by All India Radio (AIR) as a playwright and Hindi advisor in 1941 where Saadat Hasan Manto was already working in the Urdu service.Read More

      Sat-18-May | 03:00 PM
      Sat-18-May | 06:30 PM
      Sun-19-May | 03:00 PM
      Sun-19-May | 06:30 PM
    • Drama
    • 12-May-2019
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 750

      It might surprise many that music rooted in the blues finds expression in India. It’s even more surprising perhaps that the flag bearers on the blues in India come not from its sprawling metros but from a small north eastern city called Shillong.Read More

      Sun-12-May | 06:30 PM
    • Western Music
    • 11-May-2019 - 11-May-2019
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 300

      “Show of hands - how many of you here know the Mahabharata?” A story-teller performing Kattai Koothu (Tamil theatre) welcomes the audience in what is scheduled to be an 8-hour Kattai Koothu performance of ‘Aravan’s Sacrifice’ from The Mahabharata but something happens – someone unexpected interrupts the story-teller’s introduction. Read More

      Sat-11-May | 03:00 PM
      Sat-11-May | 06:30 PM
    • Drama
    • 04-May-2019
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 500

      REFUGE is a set of musical themes composed by pianist Aman Mahajan, performed in various configurations, from solo piano to quintet.Read More

      Sat-04-May | 06:30 PM
    • Western Classical Music
    • 03-May-2019
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 500

      UNLYRICS is a concert where the soulful musicians Tomasz Pajak and Emma Tillu will take you on a poetic journey without words by masters of the western classical violin and piano repertoire- Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy and more.Read More

      Fri-03-May | 08:00 PM
    • Western Classical Music
    • 28-Apr-2019
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 200

      Tracing Ragas through the ages, Tara will evoke the majesty of the Himalayas through the rendition of Dhrupad, the most ancient form of Hindustani Classical Music.Read More

      Sun-28-Apr | 07:30 AM
    • Indian Classical Music


Jagriti is a Performance Arts space dedicated to Theatre, Music, Dance and Comedy. Founded in 2011 by Arundhati and Jagdish Raja, the space has hosted several productions from India and around the world. A 200-seat theatre, built around a full-thrust stage, it is fully equipped to cater to both artistes and audience. The main stage is designed for intimate performances with adjoining spaces for informal lectures and gatherings. Jagriti is owned and operated by the not-for-profit ART Foundation, a registered charitable trust.

The Rooftop - above the main auditorium is an open-to-sky space with a staging area that can accommodate about 50 people. A raised and walled off platform can work as a perfect area for puppet theatre. The Rooftop has a restroom and a pantry. 

The Terrace - alongside the auditorium, the Terrace can accommodate about 20 people as an informal gathering area.

Lumbini - extending out from the foyer, Lumbini has a stage and an open-to-sky terraced space for about 80 people.