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  • Date
  • Event Details
  • Genre
    • 23-Feb-2018 - 25-Feb-2018
    • Director: Neel Chaudhuri
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Quicksand unfolds after an incident at an airport between a man and a woman. Until this moment, they are strangers to each other and anonymous to the world at large. What follows is a trial by social media and the steady, irreversible unraveling of two private lives in the public eye.Valium Online Prescription

      Fri-23-Feb | 08:00 PM
      Sat-24-Feb | 08:00 PM
      Sun-25-Feb | 03:00 PM
      Sun-25-Feb | 06:30 PM
    • Drama/Social Realism
    • 18-Feb-2018 - 18-Feb-2018
    • Director: Arundhati Raja
      Ticket Price: ₹ 250

      Yayati, Girish Karnad’s first play – was written in 1960, when he was 23 years old - and immediately established his ability to turn an epic mythological story into an exciting dramatic experience. Yayati was an instant success, staged in Kannada and in many other Indian languages. In this play, King Yayati’s story from the Mahabharata becomes a roller coaster ride of events, sparked off by one sexual encounter.Buying Valium Online Is It Legal

      Sun-18-Feb | 03:30 PM
      Sun-18-Feb | 07:30 PM
    • Drama – English
    • 16-Feb-2018 - 18-Feb-2018
    • Director: Prakash Belawadi
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      In the summer of 1930, a nineteen-year-old Indian boy formulated the fundamental equations that govern the ultimate fate of the stars in our Universe. To his surprise, they indicated that certain stars were destined to collapse into nothingness and become those mysterious objects that we now call black holes.Buy Valium By Roche Online

      Fri-16-Feb | 08:00 PM
      Sat-17-Feb | 08:00 PM
      Sun-18-Feb | 03:00 PM
      Sun-18-Feb | 06:30 PM
    • Drama / Science Theatre
    • 14-Feb-2018
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Funtastic Four is a comedy event featuring four heroes from Bangalore, who all have basically one superpower- To make you laugh till you drop. It is a one-of-a-kind comedy show which promises to tickle your funny bones this Valentine's Day. Singles, Couples, Polyamorous… Whatever you are, feel free to drop by and we will make sure that you have a great evening!  Buy Diazepam Roche

      Wed-14-Feb | 08:00 PM
    • Comedy
    • 11-Feb-2018
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 249

      While many of us may be wary of change, Austrian saxophonist Peter Natterer uses transitions that take place in everyday life; whether political, technological or even the influence of electronic music in traditional jazz to create catchy, melodic compositions which reflect these and respond to these changes in many varied and exciting ways. Buy Shalina Diazepam

      Sun-11-Feb | 06:30 PM
    • Jazz
    • 10-Feb-2018
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 249

      Enter into Whitefield and feel yourself transported into the leafy environs of old Bangalore, with its broad tree-lined avenues, old-world cottages surrounded by pretty flower gardens and genteel-mannered inhabitants. What better way to spend a balmy Saturday evening in Whitefield at Jagriti's sublime theatre, than listening to the music of a bygone era?Buy Valium 5 Mg Online

      Sat-10-Feb | 08:00 PM
    • Jazz
    • 09-Feb-2018
    • Ticket Price: ₹ 249

      Multi Award-winning young French classical guitarist, Thomas Csaba who performs both solo as well as chamber music throughout Europe and Asia and who has trained under the leading luminaries of classical guitar is now in Bangalore to add his signature flair with the classical guitar,Buy Diazepam Tablets Online

      Fri-09-Feb | 08:00 PM
    • Western Classical
    • 02-Feb-2018 - 04-Feb-2018
    • Director: Ronjan Ghoshal
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Bancha Kapali is a 95-year-old fruit farmer who owns an orchard that has been coveted by the high and mighty for ages. A greedy land-grabber senses the old man's vulnerability and strikes up an unusual deal with him in order to acquire the orchard.Valium Online Mastercard

      Fri-02-Feb | 08:00 PM
      Sat-03-Feb | 03:00 PM
      Sat-03-Feb | 08:00 PM
      Sun-04-Feb | 08:00 PM
    • Comedy
    • 26-Jan-2018 - 28-Jan-2018
    • Director: Prashanth Nair
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Remember Remember is a set of 6 original stories imagined and written as Urban Folktales. Our city spaces suddenly seem devoid of stories. Maybe we don't have the time for stories,Buy 1000 Diazepam Online

      Fri-26-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sat-27-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sun-28-Jan | 03:00 PM
      Sun-28-Jan | 06:30 PM
    • English/ Comedy-Drama
    • 12-Jan-2018 - 21-Jan-2018
    • Director: Rebecca Spurgeon
      Ticket Price: ₹ 400

      Metamorphosis - Gregor Samsa wakes one morning as a giant insect. Written in 1915, this story has inspired generations of writers, artists and thinkers to delve into strange macabre and the absurd world described in Kafka’s work and seen most starkly in Metamorphosis.  Where Can I Buy Genuine Valium

      Fri-12-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sat-13-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sun-14-Jan | 03:00 PM
      Sun-14-Jan | 06:30 PM
      Tue-16-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Wed-17-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Thu-18-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Fri-19-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sat-20-Jan | 08:00 PM
      Sun-21-Jan | 03:00 PM
      Sun-21-Jan | 06:30 PM
    • Drama – Absurd


Jagriti is a Performance Arts space dedicated to Theatre, Music, Dance and Comedy. Founded in 2011 by Arundhati and Jagdish Raja, the space has hosted several productions from India and around the world. A 200-seat theatre, built around a full-thrust stage, it is fully equipped to cater to both artistes and audience. The main stage is designed for intimate performances with adjoining spaces for informal lectures and gatherings. Jagriti is owned and operated by the not-for-profit ART Foundation, a registered charitable trust.

The Rooftop - above the main auditorium is an open-to-sky space with a staging area that can accommodate about 50 people. A raised and walled off platform can work as a perfect area for puppet theatre. The Rooftop has a restroom and a pantry. 

The Terrace - alongside the auditorium, the Terrace can accommodate about 20 people as an informal gathering area.

Lumbini - extending out from the foyer, Lumbini has a stage and an open-to-sky terraced space for about 80 people.