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The Economic Times | Bengaluru ticks because people come here and make a life: Jagdish Raja

Order Ambien From India 1. What makes Bengaluru tick?  I have known this city as my own for 44 years. In this time, it has swallowed Whitefield so one hardly needs to go “into” Bengaluru, however long that would take! The city ticks because people come and make a home and a life. Of course, they stray, but isn’t that part of being at home and living?  2. What is your favourite Bengaluru moment? The family used to watch the fireworks orchestrated by the Madras Sappers — elegant, precise, imposing. Memories seem to don a military garb. My hair-standing moment was when I heard my narration for the 200th anniversary of the Madras Engineering Group — The Sappers or MEG. That was way back in 1980!

3. If you were the dictator of Bengaluru, what is the first thing you would do?  Ambien Online Visa Fill up the lakes with fresh water and fish. Clear the pavements of squatters and the roads of debris and parked vehicles. Slope pavements to meet the road, give wheelchairs and strollers a chance! Let Bengaluru move! 4. Who is your favourite Bengalurean? Why? The people. Those who make a day-to-day living, garnering and moulding resources to get along with that and those around them. 5. If not Bengaluru, which city? Why? would pick London. It was home for 15-odd years. I miss it. 

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