Bangalore Mirror | Donigered Police, which had earlier said they had no problem with the play being staged, forced its cancellation at the last minute citing Lok Sabha polls; Bangalore’s date with the ballot is a good one month away -By Sridhar Vivan & Ayesha Tabassum Taking offence has got takers, especially in the election season.
Bangalore Mirror | Dramaturges of the World Unite The Dramaturgy Symposium curated by actor and director Kirtana Kumar promises to be the most exciting theatre event this season –By Nirmala Ravindran Though it has existed unofficially for ages, dramaturgy, in all its comprehensive glory, is a pretty recent phenomenon in Indian theatre.
Bangalore Mirror | Just One Voice from Iran

No director. No rehearsals. No sets. The play White Rabbit Red Rabbit opens the Pandora’s box about the world we live in but with a disclaimer –Ayesha Tabassum The biggest nightmare for an actor is when he or she is instructed to get on stage, is given a sealed envelope with a script inside. 06-Dec-2013
The Hindu | Love made visible

Ambien Purchase Online Blink, written by Phil Porter, depicts what it means to be in love in a lonely city and in times dominated by social media –Sravasti Datta Blink , written by Phil Porter, and directed by Soho Theatre artistic associate and Nabokov artistic director Joe Murphy, depicts a touching, yet “darkly funny and voyeuristic” love story.
Times of India | An odd love story

Buy Ambien Generic London’s SOHO theatre presents Blink, a dysfunctional and darkly funny romantic tale that has had successful shows in the UK – Ayesha Tabassum It’s a love story. Not your usual love story interspersed with romantic confessions and frivolous modern-day flirtations. Blink is the story of Jonah and Sophie, set in contemporary London.
The Hindu | Calling the tune (A review of ‘Dead Man’s Cell Phone’ at Ranga Shankara)

Dead Man’s Cell Phone was a funny surreal take on the omnipresence of technology in our lives – Rhea Subramanya The first play in Jagriti’s season 2013, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, came to Ranga Shankara last week. Written by American playwright Sarah Ruhl in 2007.

Bangalore Mirror | The spaces between words

The common theme of a long marriage suffering from a communication breakdown is treated with deft humour in Shivani Tibrewala’s worthy effort – Nirmala Ravindran Whatever You Say, written and directed by Shivani Tibrewala is an existential play, but thankfully, without the accompanying angst. 01-Oct-2013
The Hindu | It’s Ms. Meena, once more

Sravasti Datta Now in its fourth year, Ms. Meena comes to you in all its theatrical splendour at Jagriti Theatre A group of actors under flickering lights, rehearse their dialogues, occasionally breaking out into melodious song, their voices in perfect co-ordination. 01-Oct-2013
Deccan Chronicle | Success and all its friends

DR Ms Meena is back in town! This immensely successful play. directed by Rajiv Krishnan and performed by Chennai-based theatre company, Perch, has been touring the country for four years now. It’s been over a year since Bengaluru saw it last and it de?nitely isn’t going to be the same. 25-Sep-2013
Bangalore Mirror | The Lure of Cinema

Nirmala Ravindran The Visit by Swiss playwright Friedrich Durrenmatt has all the elements considered mandatory for a potboiler. Celebrations, villains, former lovers, a rags- to- riches story, revenge and retribution, lust for money and power — you name it and the play has it. Buy Zolpidem Er Order Zolpidem Tartrate Online Zolpidem Cheapest Cheap Ambien Online Overnight Delivery Ambien Buy Mail Order Buy Zolpidem Online Cheap