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Asianet News | Bengaluru’s 8 best theatres to watch plays The city is always abuzz with activities. From traditional to modern art, the place is a melting pot that represents cultures of various forms. If you are a theatre lover, here is the list of eight theatres you should check out, especially during weekends, to watch a play and be relaxed.
Citizen Matters | Jagriti: Bringing the best of theatre to Whitefield since 2011

Bengaluru has always been a boiling pot of the performance arts with big theatres that have gained national and international prominence that have been showcasing plays and performances for over a decade. May-2018
The Hindu | Of concertos and chords

This weekend celebrates western music with an orchestra and a gig. While the Bangalore City Chamber Orchestra delivers a stringed presentation of Opera arias, Romanian dances and compositions, in another part of Bengaluru, Jagriti Theatre’s Western Music Festival ‘Gimme a Key!’ plays host to performances by some of the biggest names in the city’s Western music circuit. 16-Apr-2018
TheGoodCity | J for Justice – the alipha of Poile Sengupta

The current production of Alipha is an example of theatre at its best, with a great amount of ‘simpatico’ between playwright and director on the one hand, and director and actors on the other. Poile Sengupta has an incredible felicity in fleshing out her characters, and you are bound to immediately connect with them as they remind you of people you have met.
The Hindu | The politician and an activist

Jagriti Theatre brings on stage playwright Poile Sengupta's Alipha, directed by Arundhati Raja

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The Hindu | From the book of myths

From the book of myths Arundhati Raja recreates Yayati , the Girish Karnad classic of the same name, for a modern audience 16-Mar-2018
Indian Express Indulge | A conflict of epic proportions

A conflict of epic proportions: Jagriti brings Girish Karnad's Yayati to Chennai Can a 1960s play inspired by the Mahabharata be relevant in 2018? Absolutely, says Arundhati Raja, artistic director of Bengaluru-based theatre group Jagriti, who will present her recreation of Girish Karnad’s popular play, Yayati, in Chennai this week. 15-Mar-2018
The Hindu | Conflicted souls and wilful hearts Conflicted souls and wilful hearts Yayati, a production by Jagriti theatre group, will recreate the familiar narrative of the father who borrowed his son’s youth 14-Mar-2018
DTNEXT | King Yayati comes alive on stage

King Yayati comes alive on stage Come Friday, theatre lovers in Chennai will witness King Yayati’s story from the Mahabharata alive on stage. Buy Ambien Fast Shipping Buying Ambien Cr Online